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Eyenimal Deluxe Spray NoBark Dog Collar Lavender Scent White 2.36" x 1.26" x 1.26" - N-4746

Barks are detected via an internal microphone and each dog bark triggers a mist of spray, which is unpleasant, but harmless for your dog.  Choose from lemon or lavender scents.  Each can contains about 25 sprays.  This training dog leash/collar is water-resistant and the long-life battery will last for approximately 3 years of continous use or 4 years in stand-by.  The Ultra lightweight collar weighs only 1.48 ounces and is automatic (no adjustment required). Includes one can of spray (2.63 fl oz) in your choice of scent. The turquoise nylon strap is adjustable to fit neck sizes from 5.9" to 21.6".  Two scents available, for convenience.

For Bark control this Training Leash/Collar is desigined to provide a hint to your dog of unacceptable behavior.  Harmless yet unliked by your dog, the action will assist to control barking.  You may not want to work at Bark control, but, this is one way you can succeed.  Imagine your past attempts of saying no.  Allowing the difference by a minor experience can affect behavior, in a short time.  You will be happy with the results.


Weight: 1.48 oz (battery included)
Dimensions: 2.36"" x 1.26"" x 1.26""
Power: 1 3.6-V long-life battery (already fitted in the collar when you purchase it)
Turquoise nylon strap - length 2.1 ft / width 0.6" – adjustable for neck sizes from 5.88" to 21"
Replacement spray available.  Indecate which Scent needed. Lemon or Lavender.

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