Saturday, May 9, 2015, 07:59 PM
We are getting close to up and running full blast.  
Today, I want to introduce the inspiration to our Venture.  Gustov, or Gussie as we lovingly called him, was a part of our life for 14 wonderful years.  We got him when he was 4 as a Thanksgiving Gift.  Never in our lives, did we feel that he would leave his mark as he did.  The day he was put-down, was very tough on us.  We knew that he would not survive any longer in his state of Health.  As the Vet injected him, Susie held him, I watched, and he went.  If you have been in situation before, you understand, if not the time will come.  Any advice I would give?  "Your never loose your Close Companions, they exsist in another part of your mind."  Gus was a Westy, and a Beautiful one at that.  As time passes, we will post Gussy, as well as Isabella and Captain Morgan, our new Close Companions.  Any questions, contact us @

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