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Richell's PAW TRAX Super Absorbent Doggy Pads are a definite must for new pet parents as well as pet owners with long-time companion pets. Richell's doggy pad is specifically designed to with stand lots of moisture, dry quickly, control odor and wetness, and protect floor surfaces. The quality and durability of the doggy pad is due to the unique four-layer design that works together to make the pad SUPER absorbent.

The quilted pad surface dries quickly and is designed to keep liquid from spreading on contact.
The second layer consists of an absorbent sheet that blocks excess moisture and keeps it from seeping up to the pad surface.
The third layer includes an absorbent material that works as a gel to control nasty pet odor.
The final layer is a plastic sheet that works to protect floor surfaces from any kind of leakage.

While the pad is specially designed for use with the Paw Trax Training Tray, it works great when used alone. It especially comes in handy when your little pal is not feeling so special. Great for all indoor pets! PAW TRAX Training Tray sold separately. Also available in 30 and 50-Pack sizes. Features:
Super absorbent gel holds in moisture and odors
Pad surface dries out in seconds!
Designed for use with Paw Trax training tray (sold separately)

General Product Information:
Made by Richell, a trusted name in Pet Care.
Recommended for potty training puppies
Use as needed during sickness and for senior pets
Holds up to 2 quarts of liquid
Tray Size:23.6" x 17.7"
Additional Information

UPC 803840945339
UPS Ship Weight 5.66
UPS Expedited Weight 10.41
Dimensions Length 12" x Width 12" x Height 12"


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